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Partie 1 - Loyalty, warning, fragile

Reasons for being loyal

2 minutes de lecture
This discrepancy between intention and reality makes it all the more relevant to find out and understand what feeds loyalty.

An inseparable make-model duo

More than 55% of motorists emphasise, more than any other reason, trust in the make, followed by satisfaction with the model evoked by 48% of them.



Whereas more than 2 out of 3 Brazilians, Germans, and Portuguese work on trust, the Polish, South Africans, and British place more stock in the choice of their previous model. Japan and Turkey stand out by significantly lower rates than the average, satisfaction with the previous model being extremely low priority in Japan (22%).



These two criteria highlight a sort of commercial evidence: nothing can beat a seductive brand and models to satisfy the clientele.

Weight of the car dealership

The 3rd reason for being loyal is satisfaction with the car dealership. There again, there’s no getting away from the need for buyers’ trust when it comes to committing to a financially onerous, long-term product. When the car dealer, the spearhead of the make, plays their role correctly, it works. Loyal customers stay loyal and the hesitant are won over. In Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States the car dealer has the highest impact.

A financial reality

The notion of price and an attractive commercial offering is only in fourth place. It is no less decisive in the loyalty process. Because, if we consider the reasons for being loyal in absolute terms, without a new car purchase in view, the financial dimension is of the essence. This can be seen in the desire for an extended warranty (1st), a loyalty programme with special benefits in terms of maintenance and repairs (3rd) and cheaper cars (4th). Let us once again underline the fact that a high quality service provision on the part of the car dealer comes second place, following close behind the first reason given above.

Sous-Partie 3
Loyal, yes, but…
In the automobile world like everywhere else, loyalty is often challenged by constant innovation, new offers and breakthroughs, and a desire to change. It is difficult to resist all these temptations
Sous-Partie 5
Reasons not to be
There is no shortage of reasons for not being loyal. The first and undeniable factor for non-loyalty is the competition that wins over customers through branding via classical and digital media (26%)