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of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Partie 1 - I like shopping !Millennials and shops: the relationship is far from over.

The Consumerist Revolution

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The attitude of Millennials towards retailers should not, however, be seen as a sign of inertia.

Everything will change

Looking 10 years ahead, 72% believe that shops will have evolved significantly. This is an opinion shared across the board, with few differences between the countries. This generation was born during an era of change punctuated by technological breakthroughs, with obsolescence always on the horizon and constant evolution as a philosophy. Retailers could never have escaped this process of profound change.



And, according to Millennials, almost everything will be affected. From payment (72%), delivery (61%) and advertising (61%), to services (59%), advice (59%), product presentation (57%) and the shopping experience (57%), every aspect of physical retail is set to undergo a Copernican revolution that will take it to a new dimension and alter its very nature. Of all the European Millennials surveyed, the Swedes and Romanians are the most inclined to imagine that shops will be fundamentally transformed in 10 years time. The Czechs and Belgians expect these changes to be less pronounced. Meanwhile, the French are somewhere in the middle.



The future is just a purchase away

Millennials are already projecting themselves into a future that will see digital technology take over our lives a little more, with 64% imagining that they will be able to shop in a virtual reality that replicates a store’s interior.



Many believe that their household appliances will order products on their behalf (64%). Individuals will be closely identified and will receive highly targeted advertising and advice, as well as tailored promotional offers (60%). And thanks to their 3D printers, they will be able to make their chosen products at home at their leisure (64%). The Spanish are the most enthusiastic about this vision of the future, while the Czechs will find it harder to embrace. Once again, the French post results that are in line with the average.

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Improvements are expected
Torn between the pleasure of shopping, which offers a number of advantages, and a certain reticence, due to several clearly identified obstacles, Millennials need several boxes to be ticked before the
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This highly digitalised future seems to conceal a threat that retailers should heed if they are to remain popular among Millennials. Indeed, 42% believe that stores will have disappeared entirely in 1