Observe, enlighten and decipher the evolution
of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Partie 1 - Consumption in Europe: New paths to confidence

When seeking information, consumers place great importance on the opinion of those close to them

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In the relationship of confidence that forms between a brand and its customers, it seems that proximity and intimacy play a critical role.



When it comes to buying a brand, consumers tend to place the greatest confidence in the advice of their inner circle (87%). The development of the sharing economy has been very much reliant on the confidence individuals place in their fellow consumers. 63% of Europeans declare that they take into account ratings and opinions posted online. And 60% believe that the verdicts of comparison sites and other web publications should be taken on board. In addition, many people take notice of articles in specialist magazines.

Gone is the time when consumers listened to just one opinion. What is now emerging is a cross-channel approach whereby they gain confidence by gathering a range of different viewpoints.
But as this new story unfolds, a new loser is emerging. Only 52% of Europeans have confidence in salespeople and 60% have even given up on a purchase because they lacked confidence in them.

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Buying a brand, the ying and the yang
The fact remains that confidence in a brand can act as both a positive and negative activator when it comes to making a purchase.  
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Showrooming and quality labels, another way of gaining confidence
And yet, consumers are not afraid to enter stores, far from it. By visiting shops, they are able to test their confidence in a brand. 60% of people engage in showrooming to reassure themselves before